Four different personalities in my campus



In my campus (ITB), there are 3 groups of major, Technology (engineer), Science (scientist), and Art (artisan and designer). But now, there is also Management (manager and businessman). I would like to tell you what kind of personalities most they have in my perspective.


First, the technique students, their left brains are work, they are activist in the university. They are rather being initiative student and diligent. In some way, like major competition (student executive council) they are very cooperate. But, for their future some of them think that money, score, and CV are everything. They’re tend to be more ambitious even don’t share value information to the others (Specially about competition, scholarship or exchange).

Second, the science students are more adaptive and sensitive to the others. They are care to the others and want to know more about a new things. But I think, because they have many time in the lab, I rarely see them in the campus, and the another reason that some of the major are moved to anther campus in Jatinangor.

Third, design and art students, they are more imaginative and could think out of the box. They are shared each other. They rarely think about the score, it doesn’t matter. They think the process and the value is the number one. The negative personalities are that they are very bad in keeping promise to come early, so we called it WIBSR (Waktu Bagian Seni Rupa or Art Time Zone). It means when people asked to gather at 7 am, the student will come minimum +2 hours after the meeting time. Most of them. And they are rather doing an assignment in deadline.

Fourth, the business student. Actually I not really know about them, beside they are only have 3 years to complete their study. But I think they think are future thinker and also adaptive. Because their schedule is very full, they hard to come to some events.

The things I list above is only my opinion, so it doesn’t really 100% true, or maybe not 50% true. I just want to share my opinion. Well being in this campus makes me happy. I could met the different personalities and met many kind of person. That’s life is to meant, to be aware to each other.

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