RASA is pepper and salt container that inspired by an Indonesian folk tale, Rama and Shinta. The story of Rama and Shinta and their journey of love is really touching where the couples need to pass through the obstacles to get each other.

This pepper and salt container was designed with elegant and modern character but it also has the traditional elements. Here are the images and references.


With the craftsman’s help, the mock up was mold with the gyps. Then the porcelain liquid was pour into the mold. After it was dried, then the prototype was painted by glaze and put inside the oven.




This set of container was made for Bravacasa Design Challenge 2014. This product has pass through 2 judgement. First, I did entry the concept of this product tho Bravacasa by online. After a month, they asked me to come to Jakarta in May and present the mock-up to 3 judges. I accepted and in July I exhibited it in a prominent design exhibition, Casa by Bravacasa, at Ritz Carlton Ballroom, Pacific Place Jakarta and this has become my first exhibition outside the campus. I was really happy 😀


Me at Pacific Place, Jakarta

Individual project

duration: 1-2 months 


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