Plastic Diet


It may be silly for some people to do plastic bag diet, especially for the urban citizen who have no time to think the effect and lifetime of plastic and what it will become.

Plastic or polymer really helping our life, but the waste is dangerous if it is not managed well. There are various kinds of plastic, but now I will tell you about the plastic bag that does not have a long lifetime (I mean, It is easy to be torn but It takes a long time to decomposed). Some people think after plastic decomposed it will be uniform with the ground. But it is a wrong perception. Plastic will be plastic forever. Same with human, me is being me forever.

sea life with plastic.jpg
picture: from vary sources


In university life, I realize at first there were so many mini plastic bag in the corner of my room. I tough it was useless, because I rarely reuse that again. In the 2nd year, I decided to make a plastic bag container. Also, I’ve been doing an internship at a reusable bag company. Yuhuu, that’s why I do this. It makes my life different actually.

That was my life begin to decrease the plastic bag usage. I always bring the thick plastic bag everywhere, especially when I was visiting a supermarket. When I went to the warung (little shop that sell daily life items in Indonesia), or convenient market. The plastic is small and it’s easy to be teared. Moreover, I can’t use it anymore. So I prefer to take it by my hand.

Now I use a reusable Polyester bag that can be used more than 1000 times. It helps me to decrease on the plastic consuming. Remember, be a wise human, because one small plastic will change the world. It is only about willingness to reuse a plastic bag.

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