Throwback – DESIGN PROJECT 2014, a student exhibition


I  was looking for old documents and found some picture in an exhibition that I worked on. It was Design Project 2014, an exhibition that held by INDDES (Industrial Design Student). Izzan is the man behind all of this, I mean he was the managing director and I love the food that his mom cooked for us, the committee.

Desain adalah suatu ide yang dapat berbentuk fi sik (produk) ilustratif (gambar) maupun pemikiran (konsep) atas suatu solusi dalam kehidupan sehari – hari. Peradaban, kepeduliaan dan keterbatasan membuat suatu solusi menjadi semakin kompleks, sehingga dibutuhkan multi disiplin keilmuan untuk mendapatkan solusinya.

Dalam konteks mikro, salah satu disiplin keilmuan yang turut serta dalam memecahkan masalah sehari-hari adalah ilmu desain. Sementara itu dalam kehidupan sehari-hari terdapat pemahaman yang keliru dalam masyarakat bahwa desain adalah ‘cost factor’ sehingga mengadopsi ilmu desain akan mengakibatkan produksi semakin mahal, padahal justru sebaliknya melalui desain yang cermat dan baik, desain dapat memberikan kontribusi meningkatkan nilai guna suatu barang sambil membuat barang semakin efektif diproduksi.

Maka sebagai bagian dari komunitas desain, selaku mahasiswa Jurusan Desain Produk ITB, adalah tugas yang mulia untuk memperkenalkan dunia desain, desain produk dan karya design.

Dengan pemahaman yang benar dan jelas akan memberikan citra positif mengenai aplikasi desain dan sekolah desain. Dengan tema “Understanding Perspective from Industrial Design View”, acara Desain Project memberikan suatu perspektif baru kepada masyarakat umum, mahasiwa, dan pekerja Industri Kreatif untuk melihat dan memahami ruang lingkup keilmuan Desain Produk dan penerapannya.



cover page fb2.png


By the time, DESIGN PROJECT 2014 applied the 4 fields of industrial design: Commercial Design, Responsible Design, Experimental Design, and Discursive Design. I found the detail article about this in Core77.

1. STUDENT PROJECT (is experimental design)

It was the exhibition from 2nd year to 3rd year students. What I love about this is more than 80 products (almost variation of products) were exhibited here, from small thing like a book, tableware, kitchenware, design process, until designing a car. This was


2. MARKET PROJECT (is commercial design)

The product design can be oriented to consumers and the market is very close to business studies. Works displayed are various brand founded by students and alumni of ITB Product Design with the best quality.


3. RECYCLE PROJECT (is discursive design)

Utilizing unused material into a product that is functional as well aesthetic. This project was asking other industrial institution to join solving the problem. Here we were visited some universities to participate this project together.

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recycle project.jpg

 4. GIVEBACK PROJECT (is responsible project)

There are some segments of society that are rarely touched by the market in general. Having regard to the minor segment, the project can demonstrate that the design is a science that is close to all levels of society and solutions. The project is done communally by ITB Product Design students as a form of community service.

This project are the results of the workshop Bamboo Workshop (sorry I didn’t attach the photos) that started with the field trip to Kampung Naga, a bamboo village in Tasikmalaya, then another place that product bamboo. The workshop is held in Bandung with ITB student and Mushashino Art University student to make several products. Behind all these works, there are awareness efforts to us all that the bamboo was created as the material that very important to be processed by the creative method. For as bamboo has not been processed properly, these materials will always be seen as undervalued.


All in all, this exhibition was success and open people’s mind about product design in Bandung.

Poster graphic by Risthi Ulfa; Photo by Vivian; Reference: Design Project Description by the committee.


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