Last Year Japan with Tokyo Angels! (10 Days)

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This trip is half holiday and half project in CASIO after 8 months surviving with the research and product development. I will tell you more about my holiday and how to survive in Japan. yeay.

So, I went to Japan with Tito, Diar, Cyrus, Amira, and Winnie, my classmates at campus. It was a tiring day when we started to travel, because we hadn’t slept for 2 nights. :”)



1st Day (11th May 2016)

2 from Bandung, 2 from Jakarta, and 2 from Bogor.
We were at Soekarno Hatta airport at around 2 am, and our flight was around 7 am to Hongkong. I was fortunate to get a cheap flight ticket with Cathay Pacific airlines. I enjoyed the facilities in the plane. In Hongkong, we realized that we forgot to bring Hongkong dollar, Thus, we We arrived at Narita airport at around 7 pm. Bhaskara pick us up and met ka Angghi and ka Irfan. We stayed overnight at their apato (apartment in Japan) for 2 nights. Thanks to them 😀

2nd day

We gathered in Chiba Unversity and visited the Ono Sensei Lab. In Chiba U there are so many labs. Then we went to the second hand shop, which is so big and they sell from small things like a toy until furniture. We ate lunch (but so expensive). I prefer to eat at restaurant than foodcourt.

We visited Rose Garden, well, there were so many adults with wheel chair…

In the evening we have Takoyaki Party, Ono Sensei treat us and we bought the ingredients at the supermarket nearby.

3rd Day

This was the last day we stayed in Chiba. We visited ka Irfan’s apato and we ate sushi. I was so excited because I’d eaten sushi for the first time in my life.

In the afternoon, we went to Tokyo by train. Six of us. It was very exhausting because we brought a heavy bag each of us. We stayed at Keigo’s apato (we found him from AirBnB).

In the night, we strolled around Roppongi with Bhaskara again. Glad he could accompany us.

4th Day

Yes! Finally we reunited again with them after 1 year. We went to Mushasino Art University to meet our friends. Well, this is a huge university and very clean. What I love most is the library (sadly we cannot take the photo of it). So MAU was building the new art and design building which has more complete facilities.

5th Day

We visited Harajuku, Omotesando, Meiji Jingu, Shibuya with several MAU students. See the video.

6th Day

Oh my! I woke up at 10 am… I felt wrong for myself. That day, I decided to go to Ueno, actually it was a waste of money for paying the train ticket, It was far and actually Ueno near with Shibuya. At 2 pm I had a meeting with my senior who is working in MUJI, Ricky Rama. We visited the Ueno zoo and he treats me the ticket here,….., and last we went to Tokyo Tree Tower to meet Bhaskara and Cyrus. Because the ticket was expensive, we just visited the next building of the Tokyo Sky Tree. Ah, it is not bad actually to see the view of Tokyo.

7th Day

This day was rehearsal for presentation in Casio. Before that, we (except Winnie, who did her final project at apato) visited Asakusa temple, after that we met the others at Shinjuku station. Well, because this is the busiest station, so we had difficulty meeting each other and it made us late to the Casio design center. Apparently, the rehearsal went well and one of our Sensei treated us remain.

8th Day

Before we finished our assignment and presentation slide for the last day, we wanted a refreshing by strolling around Roppongi Hills and visiting some shopping mall and we ended up with Muji store (so Japan’s Muji store provide snacks and food, it is different from Indonesia).

9th Day

Presentation day.

People all seemed so sleepy. There were 3 presentations from Indonesian and 2 from Japan. Gladly, the presentation went well, although we were very nervous to present it in front of the Casio Design team. It was such an honor to meet the well known brand team in Japan. This will be an unforgetable experience. Thank you Casio and Chiba-U.

We celebrated our performance with Karaoke at Shinjuku. Well, it was expensive, but we were happy! Yeay.


10th Day

We went back home from Tokyo to Narita. And we slept all the way in the train… Goodbye Tokyo! Arigatoo~~


Here are some distinctive pics



I am so glad, even tough Japan is a huge city and I should learn how to read train lines at first. I hope I could visit this country again!




Don’t worry, you can go to the convenient store to get free wifi.


Here is our Vlog (sorry if it is very long and super crunchy)

note: part 2 contains of Japanese song, that’s why it can not be seen in Japan. gomenasai.




Arigato. Feel free to like and comment! 😀


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