Short Escape: Another Jogja and East Java



This mid year, 2017, I went to this culinary city with my colleagues.

Several highlights destination in this post: Jogjakarta; Magno-Temanggung; Sikunir-Dieng, +lunch at Wonosobo, but I’m sorry my Ongklok Noodle photo was deleted 😦


#1 Jogjakarta

Our journey started here


Heri: “Ngapain foto Jonas di pantai?” (Jonas: Bandung photo studio)

Ray, Wiedy, and I arrived at Jogja at 6 am after the long journey in the train, while Adri arrived earlier than us. Arild and Lala picked us up later. One of my friend, Heri, couldn’t join us in the morning trip because he was doing his job. Eventually, we went to a far-far-away beach….




We went to Parangtritis to see the sunset, however, we were too late :”) Therefore, we captured several unique photos haha..

Have you watched Avatar? Maybe you will remember something…


Cantik kan aku?

See. Now you will know which one is Heri, right?




#2 Temanggung



I met Mr. Singgih (seach Magno Radio on Google) and he is the founder! This was the second meeting between I and Mr. Singgih. (you can search my older post here). Magno Radio is well-known in many countries, even you can see in Korean movies (hehehe), but Mr. Singgih only apply the principle of simplicity in his life. Here is the result from my travelling team’s interview.

“Saya orang yang tidak percaya bahwa hidup kita itu akan ditopang oleh kerja kita dimana kamu kerja = kamu hidup.” – Singgih S. Kartono
Pak Singgih lebih berpikir bagaimana cara menyelesaikan sebuah permasalahan. Tingkat kepuasan batin akan lebih besar, karena bisa hidup dan sekaligus memberikan manfaat untuk banyak orang.

“Akan ada tren masyarakat yang cenderung memiliki pola pemikiran seperti itu, salah satu bukti nyata adalah munculnya social entrepreneur. New spiritualism adalah sebuah cara atau pandangan hidup yang berbasis pada pengetahuan yang telah terkoleksi sebelumnya. Saya merasa tidak berdosa kalau tidak solat, tetapi saya merasa rugi kalau tidak solat”.

In conclusion, Mr. Singgih believe that focusing only at work will not make him happy, because there is something else that mostly people will search for in the future, the new spiritualism of how to help people live.


REUNI DP ITB LOL Kecuali 2 bocah… Tebak yang mana?



#3 Dieng




The answer is…


DSC_0867 (2).JPG

Here we are.

It was really cold, so you have to prepare several sweater before you visit Dieng. Not only Sikunir, but we visited Talaga Warna. Those are the mainstream tourist destination but both were worth for trying a new experience.

Note: It is an hour trekking, so you may bring the torchlight or phone. Careful on slippery stairs. They will not provide any snack on the top of Sikunir. Prepare your own food and throw it away to the right place (trash bin) after you ate that.

Me and Mt. Sindoro
DSC_0486 (2).JPG
Sikunir top view after 1 hour hiking. There you can see Mt.Sindoro

Thank you.

Photo credit: Adri Hidayatulloh, Angela Sarasati, Rahayu Retnaningrum, 2017


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