IELTS Tips Step-by-step (Beginner)


Is it hard to learn IELTS?
Well, in my point of view, yes! However, you can learn IELTS by yourself. Just be confident and practice a lot. To be honest, I was afraid and it made me fail for the first test. Then, in the second test, I succeed by meditating on this test for 2 months (It depends on how much your Engish level (mine was intermediate back then) and the confidence (mine was low). After the test, I keep practising by speak to English native and write more. So, I think it is important to keep practice every day.

Is there any way to learn IELTS effectively?
Absolutely. There is a will, there is a way. Here I will give several tips for you guys.

Before we start, if you are a beginner, it is better for you to take a mini research what IELTS test is. You can find it on Cambridge, British Council, or IDP website.

Now let’s take a look step-by-step

ielts tips.jpg



#1 Define Your Ability

Do you understand the native speaking? Can you differentiate the grammar usage? Do you have enough vocabulary? etc.

Now, what is your target?

You have to be realistic, learning needs a process. Make a to-do-list and your own achievement progress report. Thus, you can know your progress.

Let’s take a look at IELTS Band Descriptor

I have made a conclusion on what you should do to acquire your band target (well it is not complete, better if you read full band descriptors).
Listening and Reading – It depends on how often you listen to the English speaker and read a book.

band 5,5 = Not answer directly (confuse in organizing paragraph)

band 6 = Answer the question / have some grammar mistakes
band 6.5 = good vocab (remember the collocation and the uses), add C1-C2 vocabulary.
band 7++ = no mistake in common grammar or words. Add more C2 vocabulary

band 5 = Not answer the question / more likely memorizing/sounds not natural / too many pauses

band 6 =  Quiet fluent, answer the question and do a little grammar mistake
band 6,5 = More fluent, add C1-C2 vocabulary,
band 7++ = use C1-C2 vocabulary, minim mistakes, use varieties of grammar and complex sentences, add idioms and be natural.


#2 Change Your Behavior

Motivate yourself
1. Consistency;
2. Never give up;
3. More pray, exercise (I do meditation, yoga, and cardio), and have fun more. Those will make us be more concentrated.

Listen more to the native speaker.
1. BBC Podcast
2. TEDx or TEDed
3. News on tv or youtube
4. Netflix (if you have money to pay, I don’t huhu)

Read more
1. English newspaper, magazine, and books

2. Online website
new scientist
history today
Stanford Social Review
– etc.

Make a note
It is important for you, especially when you find an interesting vocabulary, topics, and idioms.


#3 Find more resources

Online courses and materials


Application and software
Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary – 4th Edition (PC)
Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus (PC)
Merriam Webster (Phone)
IELTS Band 8.0 (Phone)

Find a Mentor
You can join a class if you feel uncomfortable learning by yourself.


#4 Practice!

The best thing to improve your English is practice and learning more from other sources.

Cambridge 5-12
Ieltsgenerator (for speaking)
Ielts Speaking (app)
practice with your friend too 😀

For the writing practice, you can see another person’s writing ( try this one, essayforum), then use your own words and make a new essay. Try to practice writing the first paragraph several times. I suggest you download grammarly and install in ton your PC. Therefore, it can detect your mistake when in writing. So, let’s start practice!



There are a lot of resources, aren’t there? Try it by yourself! Break a leg!

Question? Free to ask me in comment column below 🙂

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