Designer for Design Sustainability #1 Ezio Manzini


In this section, I would like to make a list of the designers who are working in the environmental and social issue.

Ezio Manzini, a leading thinker in design for sustainability, founded DESIS, an international network on design for social innovation and sustainability ( Let’s take a look what he thinks about the world today. I also suggest you watch the video.

“Even if to have more eco-efficient cars, refrigerators, more eco-efficient houses, if you don’t do something else, the overall result is kind of boomerang effect, and at the end, the consumption is still increasing. It’s said to be said when we discovered that we were a bit disappointed. The different approach is to be more systemic approach if you want to say in one word you are not talking about the car mobility.

So, what is really sustainable is a different system of mobility. The car could said is not sustainable, the car could be more less good in environmental terms. But if you transform all the car that we have around the world today in the most advanced hybrid car, you will still have a job in the traffic. You still could not propose to 6-7 billion people today and 9 billion people in few decades. You can not propose a standard of mobility that we have in Italy with every family with two cars. The solution is rethinking the mobility. The increase of consciousness of people is important but it is not enough. We have to promote o the people that we have a problem.”

“There is more deep that environmental problem, there is a systemic problem in the model.”


Personally, I quite agree with his opinion. People think that we had already had a solution, however, sometimes we don’t know what we need. What Ezio suggested is to make people realize how important the problem we face on today.

So, What do you think?


Do you have any other name for the designer? let me know by comment below. Thank you for reading.


(This article will be updated in the future)

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