Bali Zoo 2017

In December 2017, I visited here with my friend, Riris. This is a great zoo, which reminds me of Ueno Zoo in Japan because the wide of the area similarity. I think I will make the Ueno Zoo’s review later. There are two areas in the zoo. Unlike Ueno Zoo, Bali Zoo uses a jungle truck to pick up visitors from one area to another area.

Bali Zoo

This zoo allows tourist to interact with some animals. We can see different types of deer which can be fed by us or even just take the picture with it. What I like is the ambient of the zoo. It has more trees.

In the first area, we can stroll to see different kinds of animals, while in the second area we can see the thematic area, which contains Sumatra animals, such as elephant, orangutan, and birds. There are other animal cages, but still in progress to build.

This is what I view in Bali Zoo

Some useful information

Ticket price: around 95K (for Indonesian) using online ticket seller. OTS 110K. If you wanna try riding an elephant, you should prepare around 400K (dec 2017).

Time to visit: It will be enough to visit this zoo at least 3 hours.

The food was rather expensive, you can bring your own reuse bottle (not mineral water or any kinds of branded drinks)

You should try to take photos with the animals.


Score 9/10

Attractiveness ok

Number of animals ok

experience wow

cleanliness good


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