Lesson from UNLEASH 2018



UNLEASH is a global non-profit initiative addressing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by bringing together 1,000 young global talents to innovate and collaborate on solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. UNLEASH will take place each year leading up to 2030 and is developed and supported by a global consortium of actors, including UNDP, Deloitte, Carlsberg Foundation, and Dalberg.

It’s been quite the ride. I was selected from a pool of more than 7,000 applicants to attend the UNLEASH Innovation Lab in Singapore from May 30 to June 6, 2018. During the eight-day program, talents (a.k.a. participants) went through an immersive innovation challenge facilitated by content and business experts. In groups, the talents worked on problem framings around the Sustainable Development Goals, ideated solutions to these problems, and advanced the ideas through the innovation process, ultimately leading to the implementation of solutions that can help address the SDGs. The innovation process itself is co-created by innovation and SDGs experts from Deloitte and he UNLEASH Innovation Advisory Board.  The innovation process consists of five phases: Problem Framing, Ideation, Prototyping, Testing, and Testing.

At the end of the program, representatives from each group (consist of 4-6 people) pitched their developed solutions in front of their peers, investors, and experts from global companies, foundations, and NGOs.
Day 0. I arrived in Singapore at 5 Pm and guided by the volunteers to the NUS hall, had dinner and did a registration.

When arrived there, I met people of different backgrounds, they are doctors, working in energy companies, students, product designers, etc.

Day 1. My eyes were open, it was unbelievable that I can eat with 999 other people in Tembusu’s dining hall. Everyone talked and you know my voice is really small in volume, can’t beat the sound of 999 other people. I was struggling to have a chat because of the noise.

After that, we are escorted to NTU hive, following the opening ceremony. What makes my day that I’ve met a very good speaker. We also have a fun activity there.


Day 2-6 It’s time to do the innovation process!

There were 6 group themes which consist of SDG 2. Zero Hunger; SDG 3 Good Health and Well-Being; SDG 4 Quality of Education; SDG 6 Clean Water and Sanitation; SDG 7 Affordable and Clean Energy; SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production; SDG 13 Climate Action. Those group themes then were separated into several areas. Every morning we gather in a classroom (for having fun), lead by the facilitators.

My group was focusing on waste management issue more on plastic waste, SDG 12. We also had fun through field journey in Singapore’s port PSA and some cultural activities.


find me
NTU Classroom situation





Day 7 Pitching showcase

On the final days of UNLEASH, all talents presented the ideas by pitching in front of their peers as well as the panel of judges in three minutes. The selected idea, which is only 2 teams could present their idea in the whole 1000 talents in Dragon’s Den (Shark Tank UNLEASH version).

After pitching, all talents went to Suntec Convention Centre to participate Market Place and Funders Meet-Up. Eventually, we saw the winners presentation in the night. An unexpected moment come to the stage when the MC called our team’s name too as the winner of Batu-Batu Award. We are so surprised! :”)

Fyi. My team’s idea is about the waste management at an event.

Day 8 Closing Ceremony

It was the time for the awarding ceremony for the winner. We also met the honourable guest speaker, such as Halimah Yacob the president of Singapore, Jose Ramos Horta the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Sophia the robot,  Forest Whitaker the UNDP Innovation Champion, etc.


I love this event so much. Ultimately, it was a great opportunity to have a wider network. Thank you UNLEASH!

Big thank you for my team: Suzzane, Bryan, Tanvi, and Mikha!

“One mission by UN, leaving no one behind”.


Unleash merupakan innovation lab, yahkalau diterjemahkan kedalam Bahasa Indonesia artinya semacam inkubasi dan workshop. Innovation lab ini fokus kepada permasalahan yang menjadi tantangan dunia, dan hal itu tercantum dalam 17 tujuan berkelanjutan PBB (Sustainable Development Goals) yang saling berkesinambungan.

Sebelumnya aku ga kepikiran bakal keterima, karena menurut blog-blog sebelumnya banyak mahasiswa master, PhD., professional yang ikut kegiatan ini. Waktu itu aku masih di kantor lamaku di Bali dengan status anak magang. Beruntungnya aku sedang melakukan proyek tentang sampah, sehingga aku membuat proposal mengenai konsumerisme yang aku sangat ingin ulik. Namun ternyata di Singapur aku malah memilih masalah sampah lagi karena pada saat itu aku diajak temanku untuk membuat proposal grant mengenai sampah juga. Kalau udah ngurusin sampah memang never ending. Aku yang pengen move on banget untuk riset di area lain selain sampah, eh malah ketarik juga ke sampah lagi. Tapi menyenangkan kok. Bahkan dapat lirikkan dari investor. so happy!

Sayangnya waktu itu aku lagi patah hati karena aku ga dapat beasiswa full buat studi S2ku di Belanda (FYI. aku pengen banget belajar lebih mengenai management, business, dan strategi desain, dan juga ilmu sustainability disana). Jadi aku agak kurang bersemangat. Huhu.. #eh curhat. Tapi hal baiknya adalah aku ketemu beberapa orang Belanda disana. 

Buat kalian yang punya minat dan ketertarikkan terhadap Sustainable Development Goals, bolehlah coba daftar acara ini tahun depan. Semoga tulisan ini bermanfaat! (klik love ya buat post ini kalau suka).



Bonus edition: senam dulu di Zouk

btw dunia kecil banget, aku bisa ketemu sama seniorku waktu aku magang di Greeneration, sekelompok pula… haha.


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