Using mask or not, how to face the culture difference

2 months ago, I met Chia Ling, a master student from interaction design TU Delft. In the early of this year, she and her team have a project called @MasksOnStreet to show how different people treat a mask especially Asia.

Masksonstreet project is helping people who want to wear a mask feel free and secure.
Using a humour approach to break the tension cause by culture differences.

Coming from Asia, we have a typical behaviour in using the mask. However, when we are in a different country, we face a different context in how people see a mask. In the Netherlands for example, there is no obligation yet to wear a mask in the public until this time. Of course, it is because the approach to prevent COVID-19 is different from other countries. It is due to the difference in the way government and people see this virus spreading, medical treatment, demography, climate, geography, the impact for the future scenario, etc.

Some people have different opinion about it. I agree that we can do the best to prevent the spreading, so other people with other illnesses can be treated in a hospital. Because I am pro mask, I have the dilemma in the past few months. When and where I should use the mask. To investigate more, I made a podcast about mask usage on the street with Chia-Ling. The project she made is to create awareness.

Here is the podcast we made 2 months ago. We discussed why it is happening and how @Masksonstreet see this dilemma. Although it is a bit late, I hope this can be inspiring for you 🙂


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