Vivian Maretina


green design, social innovation & interaction designer

“I believe in the power of design to shape human experience and transform services, organizations, and communities”.





Vivian is a product designer graduated from Product Design, Faculty of Art and Design, Institut Teknologi Bandung, particularly interested in design for social innovation including service design, design thinking, system thinking, management design, and business design. Born in Jakarta and raised in Bogor, she loves to listen to the stories people have to tell, to find out how they negotiate their roles and relationships in life. She always finds inspiration from travelling, cooking, and reading non-fiction books.

Since 2012, she was involved in the community activities and services. Vivian is passionate about social design projects and aspires to be a social innovation design expertise, working to solve humanity problem and empowering the right economic value for the people. Her works related to inclusive design and sustainability.

Her designer role models are Dieter Rams and Singgih S. Kartono.



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