A Trip to Mr Singgih’s Hometown (INDDES part 1)


This trip was held in April 2014. I am very grateful for my seniors’ ideas, 2010 and 2011. They organized this trip very well. Only paid 350K and I could enjoy the wonderful place like Temanggung and Solo in 2 days (+1,5 days on the bus) and I learned a lot there.

Here my first trip, The Piranti Works‘ factory and it’s owner house.


Piranti works’ first product was a radio, named Magno. It was designed by an product design student ITB alumni, Singgih S. Kartono. Soon, Mr. Singgih and friends developed the radio, so it has many types nowadays. They also develop another kind of stationaries. The design is very clean, natural, and simple. We could see that the mixture between sonokeling wood and pine is very beautiful. And their products are very concern with sustainable design. They use the material very wise. They even use the sand paper waste becoming a part of the packaging. All of the products are made in a small village named Kandangan, Temanggung, Central Java.

The Workshop
The First Mr. Singgih’s Radio
They kept the wood in here
Inside the factory
Yola and me

Mr. Singgih made the radio when he was in the university. He made it in his final assignment. After he met the Panasonic in an exhibition, they worked together and soon Magno came up. To make the radio, it took a long time but the results is very satisfying. Yet, in the factory they have to measure the material, cut it, do some finishing and quality control, also make a packaging. The very amazing thing they’ve done in the factory is that the employee were very careful and detail to make a thing. That also become the reason why their products are quite expensive. The radio are exported in many countries in the world and Mr. Singgih already nominated and won in many awards for the radio. We have to proud that Indonesian have a world class designer like Mr. Singgih. But when I met and talked with him, he was very kind, wise, also humble.

Spedagi, a bamboo bicycle brand
Look at the hat!
Cute, isn’t it?



INDDES-ITB all in black

We lived in some bamboo house, the boys lived in the bigger house near the rice field. This house often used by the foreigners or students. Many of them stay in here to learn and study with Mr. Singgih.

Bamboo House

I love the food most.
Mr. Singgih and the people there are very kind. They gave us a very nice hospitality. They served more than 3 times food in a day. Here, we enjoyed ‘Bancakan’ style of eating in the second night. That was my first experience to eat together in a same ‘plate’. There were rice, tempe, chicken, vegetables, and also kerupuk on the banana leaf. I was really have a fun there.



I love this photo very much ❤
Mr. Singgih, the hero of the village

Oh Mr. Singgih,
I will never forget you. You’ve already inspired many peoples behind you. You’ve made many people in your village to have a proper job and now they become happier. The important thing I’ve got in this trip that the designer must always be humble and responsible to the people and also to the environment.

This trip was amazing. I even want go there again, later.
Then, in the last day, our group also visited Wisanka and Rumah Rempah in Solo. See you in next chapter.

Photo by me.

18-20 April 2014.

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