Run Away to Pare (Hundred of Courses City)


9/7/17 – 3/8/17

Great purpose for escaping and a way to learn IELTS. Learning not always better in the city, somehow you’ll find a different experience in the suburbs.

How if I turn around and recharged my mindfulness in somewhere far away?
That was my thought when I was working in the center of Jakarta, the place where I can not resist of the pollution also where I could not focus on my IELTS test. Well, I started again my life, fill the oil to start the engine for myself by seeking another journey. Plus, everyday I tried to meditate, since nobody could disturb me, hehe. It helps me more concentrate.



I went to Jogja (see my post) before I started another interesting day in Pare, a little region in East Java. I traveled by train from Jogja with Adri (my ex-classmate), Selma as Adri’s sister, and Wiedy for about 4-5 hours. It is known as Kampung Inggris (English: English Village). They said most people speak English. Well, frankly speaking, it is not. I always though it is called that because so many English courses in there. Really. Each 20 metres you’ll find other courses. Adolescents are the major population in Pare.

Well all in all, Pare is a right place to be more focus in learning IELTS and to release my stress from sedentary lifestyle in the town.

Let’s take a more detail information about Kampung Inggris in Pare…

About my course
I took IELTS super camp in Global English, since it was recommended by my friends. Well, it was really cheap, because I spent only 1,3 million rupiah for the 140++ hour course per month and include accommodation in the girls dorm.

I was lucky that had generous and smart mentors. I attended 6 hours class during the day, then followed by 1-2 hours Personalized Trainee class in the night. Finally, there will be an examination every week. This course taught me well, especially in writing :”)

They are my PT team (- mr. Dhano).


I assigned in several courses
1. Regular class (1,5 hour class x 4 classes = 6 hours/day)
2. Scoring class (6 hours class/day)

IMG-20170802-WA0006 copy

speaking class

How to live in Pare
1. Dorm
Here is my dorm. There were 3 beds with 4 person each. Quite convenient, but no wifi when I stayed in there. (I though there is a router wifi now there).
IMG-20170712-WA0004 copy

2. Transportation
You can chose to walk or cycling or motorbike, if only you bring that.
Rent price for bicycle 70-150 K. I paid 70 K for 1 month rent.
Tips: Choose the distinctive one, so you’ll know your bike easily.

3. Supermarket
There is no supermarket nearby, but the mini market could help you survive, trust me. You can buy basic necessities near the course (Global English). Indomaret is far away from here, so don’t expect too much hahaha.

4. Food
Don’t worry because the food in Pare is really cheap.
Sempol, Nasi Pecel is the popular one. You’ll also find so many juice seller there.

Recommended food in Pare (a.k.a my favourite)
1. Wakapo : It is a small warung, but serves fresh food every day, plus it’s CHEAP. I spent only 4-8 thousand rupiah (because I practiced to be a vegetarian);
2. Dapur Jawa : Its Javanese food, the motto is “Patienly Waiting”. I love the drinks, especially Teh Tarik. The food is tasty!
3. Amsterdam: If you miss Asian food, you can visit here;
4. Tongkis : Wifi place, I love the tahu lontong sold in here;
5. SATE JAMUR! It is adjacent to Tongkis. Actually they sold Soto Lamongan as the main menu, it also yummy;
6. Nasi pecel in front of GE (morning) = 5 K only;
7. Nasi Goreng near Dahlia mini market = 8 K. Note: all nasi goreng in Pare use sambal; so the colour will be red. I always requested not to use sambal hehe;
8. Bakoel. It is opposite Dapur Jawa;
9. Try all snack vendor food. Doughnut 1K also delicious;
10. Etc…

5. Laundy
There are so many laundry services. You can choose the better perfume by yourself. Sometimes I washed my clothes by myself, instead do the laundry.

What to Do (Tips)
1. Study hard
– Bought a (illegal) book in photocopy center *ups Better you bought it earlier

Perhaps it can help brighten your future (?)

– Download (illegal) software, e-book, include dictionary
*No original material was sold in here, I also don’t have much money :”) Thanks a lot for the publisher and author. It is hard to pay your kindness. May God bless you.

– Listen to the English video, if you have a spare time. Read another type of book, e.g. novel.

2. Play hard
– IT’S EAST JAVA GUYS (open Google, search East Java). See?


You can visit several popular tourist destinations from Pare. Start from 150K rupiah.
a. Bromo
b. Batu, etc.

3. Exercise
Don’t push yourself too much for the class. Feed your body and mind. I used to travel to several place and see several places and found fascinating views.


Keep in touch and see my next poston how learn IELTS step-by-step (beginner)

Question? Please comment below, I am glad to answer that 😀

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One thought on “Run Away to Pare (Hundred of Courses City)

  1. Nice post ci! Your vocabularies developed really well since i have to take a look the dictionary for 2 words (distinctive and adjacent) :p
    However, thank you for any recommendations that you have posted, I am really appreciate it!



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